You are looking at the user documentation for the most recent master branch of RepoSense (not released to the public yet). The documentation for the latest public release is here.

Appendix: format is a script used for automating RepoSense report generation.

Customizing the RepoSense command

You can update the RepoSense command (i.e., the last line) in the to match your needs.

Specifying which version of RepoSense to use

Depending on which version you wish to use for report generation, add one of the following flags to the line ./ in (e.g., ./ --release):

  • --release: Use the latest release (Stable)
  • --master: Use the latest version of the master branch
  • --tag TAG (e.g. --tag v1.6.1): Use the version identified by the Git tag given
  • --commit COMMIT (e.g. --commit abc123): Use the version identified by the Git commit SHA given