You are looking at the user documentation for the most recent master branch of RepoSense (not released to the public yet). The documentation for the latest public release is here.

Sharing reports

Often, you would want to share the RepoSense report with others. For example, a teacher using RepoSense for a programming class might want to share the report privately with tutors or publish it so that everyone can see it.

The sections below explain various ways of sharing a RepoSense report.

Share privately

To share a RepoSense report privately, simply find a way to share the folder containing the report (by default, it will be in a folder named reposense-report). For example, you can zip that folder and share it with the intended recipients.

You can point the recipients to the Using reports section for guidance on how to view reports.

Publish on the web

As RepoSense reports are in a web page format, you can publish a report by simply uploading it onto any web hosting service. Given below are several options that not only allow to publish reports, but also enable various levels of automating the entire process (e.g., automatically update the report daily).