Visualize programmer activities across Git repositories...

RepoSense overview

RepoSense can generate interactive visualizations of programmer activities, even across multiple repositories. It's ideal for educators and managers to get insights into the programming activities of their mentees. The visualizations can be easily shared with others (e.g., as an online dashboard), and updating the visualizations periodically can be automated.

Some example insights RepoSense can provide:

Insights about the code

  • Which part of the code was written by Tom? How many lines? How many files?
  • Which test cases were written by Kim?
  • Which commit messages were written by Serene?

Insights about the type of work

  • Which portion of Jacob's code is documentation?
  • Who hasn't written any test code yet?
  • Which project did Jolene contribute to in the last month?

Insights about the timing of work

  • Who is putting in the consistent effort?
  • Who waits till the deadline to do the work?
  • Who hasn't started any work yet?

Insights based on comparisons

  • Which programmers/teams are falling behind?
  • How does everyone compare in their front-end coding work over the past two weeks?
  • Who are the top 10 code contributors?